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World of Maths

On Wednesday 9th of May, we hosted a morning session delivered by World of Maths - a unique travelling Maths show which provides fun and colourful, mathematical problem solving activities. Sixty students from Years 7 & 8 were involved. At the start, the group were asked if they liked Maths to which a high proportion of students said no! We wanted to change their minds.

There were large, hands-on displays set up around the hall containing two types of activities; either solving problems from a given situation or a guided discovery leading to mathematical formula. There was something different at every station ranging from Tower of Hanoi (an ancient problem involving the movement of discs) to helping a farmer lay pipes across a field in the cheapest way.

It was a really enjoyable morning and all of the students really engaged with each problem. Some of the activities even had the staff puzzled! It was amazing to see each group have a 'eureka' moment when they managed to solve a problem they initially said was impossible.

After the event, students said:

"I loved working in a group. It really helped build my confidence and it was fun discussing different ideas."

"We loved the different puzzles. I didn't even realise I was using Maths skills. It was really good fun."

I thoroughly enjoyed working with all the students involved and the presenter commented what a fantastic group they were. When the students were asked again at the end of the session if they liked Maths, we had definitely changed many of their minds.

Miss Turland