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War Horse Trip

On the 2nd October 2018, eighty GCSE Drama students (including myself), went to see 'War Horse' on stage at the Milton Keynes Theatre. This trip was planned for us so we could analyse it and use the performance for our written Drama exam.

'War Horse' is about a thoroughbred horse and his young owner, Albert, set in 1910's Devon. Joey, the horse, is sold into the British Army and travels around Europe during WW1, passing between the British & German forces.

The story recounts the experiences of Joey, and the attempts of Albert to bring him back from the terror of the trenches to the heavenly idyll that is Devon.

The production at the Milton Keynes theatre was simply phenomenal. It was a dazzling stage adaptation of the book. The puppets used for the characters of Joey and Topthorn (another army horse) could easily be mistaken for the real thing. Each and every movement and gesture mimicked real stallions with ear-flicks and tall flips further solidifying the illusion.

For me, the best moment within this sensational stage performance came with the confrontation between Joey and Topthorn. The rivalry and tension between the two horses cames to a head as they fought for dominance. Their clashing and grinding was accompanied by a pounding orchestral arrangement which was strong enough to make the stomach churn.

The stage production of 'War Horse' looks at the futility of war through the eyes of a horse. It is an incredible, shocking, and unbelievable story and I strongly recommend that you see it.

Erin Geary Year 11