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Super-Curricular Support

In the increasingly competitive university application market, we are constantly looking for ways of helping our students to stand out. 

We have recently collated several links to excellent online resources that will allow students to engage with wider reading to support their UCAS personal statements.

The resources are equally useful for any students (indeed in any year group) who want to challenge themselves or develop their interest in any subject area beyond the school curriculum. They include articles, podcasts, videos, online courses and web links and are produced by a range of institutions and universities, including Oxbridge. 

We hope that students will take advantage of the wealth of resources available and that their university applications are augmented with really useful examples that they will be able to elaborate on at interview. 

All materials are on the Sixth Form section of Firefly:  Students in all year groups and parents should be able to access these. 

The images below are some examples of the materials available.


Mrs Green