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Sixth Form Trip to Geneva

Recently, students studying A Level French were privileged to visit Geneva to develop their oral competency and immerse themselves in francophone culture.

The trip included several tours which were conducted in French.  We visited world organisations such as the United Nations, The Red Cross Museum and the CERN Exhibition centre (home to the Large Hadron Collider).

Accompanying this structured itinerary, students were given ample opportunity to explore the city and hone their language skills independently. This experience will prove invaluable to the students in their upcoming examinations, while also broadening their perspective of what it means to study a language and its benefits outside school.

"This trip has inspired me to improve and further my knowledge of languages outside of just "learning it for an exam." It has also sparked an interest in incorporating it into my further studies." 

Olivia Timms, Year 12.

"This short visit gave us all a taste of what studying languages has to offer. As someone going on to study lanuages at degree level, the UN visit was particularly inspiring."

Erin Walsh, Year 13

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