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School of Rock

On the 5th and 12th July, Year 7 went on an English Theatre trip to London to watch School of Rock.

This was an amazing experience which will be remembered for a long time, because everybody enjoyed it very much, especially when at the end the characters stood up to their parents and played in the final concert.

Many of us were really surprised when they announced that all of the music was played live by the children and band. They were very talented and could definitely go on to having musical careers in the future.

Emily Hollobone from 8C said: "The show was amazing; i would definitely recommend it and it was even better than Matilda." This was like most other comments because everyone we spoke to had great opinions to share. The only negative thoughts that were shared were about the rude language and at times the music could be too loud, so the lyrics were hard to hear. The talent and humour definitely made up for this and we would certainly recommend this to anyone over the age of 8, its is a great day out for all the family.

There was a great atmosphere and energy and at the end it felt as though it was a rock concert rather than a musical which was a great twist. The centre of any live show is the storyline, which was incredible! It had everything: romance to comedy, and action to excitement.

Rebecca Addison-Pettit and Lily Burns 8C.