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Unfortunately, we are still experiencing issues with parents driving onto the school site to drop off/pick up, turning around in the driveway and parking inconsiderately. We would therefore like to repeat the following:

The road outside school is extremely busy in the mornings and afternoons. Please adhere to the following:

  • Drop off and pick up further down the Headlands near Glebe Avenue where there is more space to park.
  • The school site is out of bounds in the mornings to drop off or in the afternoons to collect students.
  • Also, please note that the road to the Kettering Golf Club and Boughton Estates is a private road and we have been asked to remind parents not to wait or park there.

The Fire Officer has visited us again recently and requested that we remind you that the forecourt of the fire station is a NO VEHICLE area - this includes pulling up for a few minutes to drop off/pick up students. If a car is damaged by a fire engine due to it obstructing the forecourt, the cost will need to be met by the car owner's insurance and not the fire service. The Fire Officer has also requested that traffic does not queue outside the front of the fire station as this is a yellow hatched area. This area should be left free until there is sufficient road ahead to drive on.

Many thanks.

Mrs Blake