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Maths Challenge Success

Earlier this year 100 students across Years 9 and 10 entered the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust’s (UKMT) Intermediate Challenge.

The challenge involved answering 25 multiple choice questions in 60 minutes and tested the students’ logical application of Maths. Overall, the results were very good.

 The following students were awarded Silver certificates:

  • Yash Kainth (9G) - Top Scorer
  • Sam Harris (10P)
  • Elizabeth Rowland-Rawson (10Y)
  • Rebekah Baynes (10C)
  • Symria Mann (10P)
  • Rayyan Bari (10S)
  • Jacob Taylor (10E)
  • Anna Lomas (10C)
  • Tongai Mtambirwa (10D)
  • Ben Leesing (10P)
  • Hugh Roberts (10E)

 The following Year 10 students were awarded Gold certificates:

  • Jacob Haseldine (10Y)
  • Alex Thompson-Juan (10E)
  • Laksmi Kowdley-Hemanth (10Y)
  • Ben Lawton (10Y)

Alex, Lakshmi and Ben were invited to take part in a follow on round - the ‘Pink Kangaroo’, and all received a Certificate of Qualification.

A further 11 students were awarded Silver Certificates with another 17 achieving Bronze Certificates across both year groups.

Jacob Haseldine (10Y) achieved the best score in the school and as a top performing student, was invited to take part in the next round ‘Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad’. This was a gruelling two-hour paper requiring logical solutions to some very tough questions! Jacob performed extremely well and was awarded a certificate of Merit for this Olympiad. He also received a Problem Solving Handbook.

Well done to everyone who took part.

Miss Turland