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Isles of Scilly

After smooth ferry crossings, Group 1 (8C & 8D) & Group 2 (8E & 8G) enjoyed their time in the Isles of Scilly, and were lucky to experience weeks full of sunshine and activities.  Group 3 (8P & 8S)  arrived home on Saturday evening after another wonderful week on the beautiful Islands. Group 4 (8W & 8Y) were our final Scillies camp of the summer and  enjoyed basking in the sun and, like the other camps, trips to St Martin's, Tresco, St Agnes and Bryer.

Mr Coxon (Group 2) sent us some wonderful pictures of his group's arrival in Penzance to share with you all. We will update our news with pictures from other camps as they come in.

Mrs Gulla

                                              A bird's eye view of the boat
                8E & 8G enjoying a paddle on their first day on St Mary's
                                                      Off for a Walk
                                          Camp 3 enjoy games on St Martin's
                                  A welcome paddle in the sea to cool off!