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County School Games

The third week of February, saw the Level 3 County School Games held again at Kettering Leisure Village. Bishop Stopford represented Kettering 'Maroons' in three of the four sports which were held over three days and they produced some fantastic performances.

Indoor Rowing

Male and female teams competed in both categories for Years 7 & 8 and Years 9 & 10. The event involved an individual timed distance challenge with the rowers having to row for two, three, four or five minutes dependent upon age. Medals were won by the following students:

  • Daniel Dickie 8P - Bronze
  • Connie Cowley 8S - Gold
  • Benjy Leesing 9P - Bronze
  • Harriet Drake-Lee 10W - Gold
  • Lucie Freeman 10S - Silver

A special mention should go to Ethan Quinn 10E who achieved 2nd place in his tough Year 10 Boys' heat and missed out on a medal by two metres.

Other results were:

Year Name Place
7 - Boys Hal Eastwood 7P 6th
  Harry Haynes 7E 13th
7 - Girls Eleanor Quinn 7W 6th
  Gerda Paula Mhunduru 7P 6th
8 - Boys Victor Ologan 8E 6th
8 - Girls Flora Goatley 8E 5th
9 - Boys Ben Lawton 9Y 4th
9 - Girls Niamh Quinn 9P 9th
  Nicole Badger 9E 8th
10 - Boys Jay Gilson 9E - Despite being in Year 9, Jay rowed for the Year 10 team. 5th
Next up was the Team Relay Challenge. This involved covering a distance of 2018m in the quickest time possible, using four performers. The changeovers were crucial and once again the Year 9 and 10 Girls' team came away with the Silver Medal. The team consisted of: Niamh Quinn 9P, Nicole Badger 9E, Harriet Drake-Lee 10W and Lucie Freeman 10S.

Mr Young


The Year 7 and 8 Boys' Dodgeball team found themselves in a very strong group as they were the only Kettering District representatives. It was a steep learning curve but the waterfall format of the tournament allowed them a further round robin of games in a group that proved to be more competitive.

The boys were fantastic and showed great resilience in being at the wrong end of the score line but were always ready to bounce back and get ready for the next challenge.

The team consisted of: Charlie Hawkins 7G, Logan Ross 7G, Mattwo Chester 7P, Trish Sidhu 7P, Rishi Sureskumar 7P, Oliver Ross 7Y, David Sam 8Y, Lusungu Silungwe 8D, Harvey Vials 8D, Isaac King 8S, Darryl Lopez 8S, Sam Moore 8W.


We provided both teams to represent Kettering. Bishop A were unlucky in not gaining a medal and finished a close 4th overall. The final results for Bishop B proved to be frustrating as Northampton School for Boys took the Gold medal by only one point and Bishop B picked up the Silver (Bishop B had been undefeated until the last game).

A good standard of volleyball was played throughout the day and we look forward to competing again next year.

The team consisted of: Jack Powell 10C, Ethan Vega 10C, Daniel Bello 10D, Roddy McAuley 10D, Jacob Holmes 10E, Akeal Rashford-Hewitt 10E, Jacob Tattersall 10G, John Tughan 10G, Tobin Denton 10W, Omari Andrew 10Y

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