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Celebration of the Arts Evening

On Wednesday 26th June, we held our inaugural Celebration of the Arts evening at Bishop Stopford School. It was a truly wonderful evening, showcasing the creative talents of our students from Year 7 to Year 13.

The evening began with an impressive display of poems and illustrations inspired by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris The Lost Words:Spell Songs. The book is a quiet protest against the disappearance of wild childhood, celebrating words of nature which we have started to lose in a technological age.

Pupils from Brigstock Primary School and some of our Year 7 students have been working collaboratively on producing creative illustrations to poetry based on ‘Lost Words’ in Nature. We also welcomed back Iona McCorkindale, a former Bishop Stopford student turned illustrator who judged the Year 7 entries.This wonderful fusion of illustration and poetry was followed by another impressive display of talent and creative thinking by Art, Design and Technology students.

The annual exhibition which included GCSE and A Level work from Product Design, Food and Art, is always an impressive sight. It demonstrated the extremely high level of commitment and hard work put in by students and teachers in these departments. This exhibition culminated with an awards ceremony recognising the attainment, effort and progress of our students.There was also the opportunity to peruse career pathways in Design Technology and Expressive Arts, and a display including a variety of career destinations from Bishop Stopford alumni.

The evening was perfectly rounded off by an uplifting music and dance concert with individual student performances, as well as items from some of our ensembles, including; folk group, strings, guitars, a collaboration between ukuleles and boys’ choir and the newly formed Year 7 worship band. The audience were invited to join in and were in fine voice, rounding off the evening with a joyful rendition of the Kenyan song, Jambo Bwana.

A huge thank you to all staff, students and parents for making this Midsummer Night such a dream.

Here are our prize winners for 2019:

Design Technology Art Food Product & Nutrition Health & Social Care
Attainment - Sophia Parker (11C) Effort - Beth Williams (11S) Attainment - Kathryn Hare (11Y) Attainment - Emily Beddows (11W)
Effort - Zach Lomas (11S), Emily Clayton (11C) Creativity - Imogen Mitchell (11P) Effort - Helen  Wiseman (11W) Effort - Jerrin Jomon (11C)
Progress - Amy Richardson (11D), Lydia Barratt (11W) Progress - Poppy Holmes (11P) Progress - Cameron Lynch (11P) Progress - Millie Toseland (11C)



                Cameron Lynch's prizewinning dish  


                          Design by Emily Clayton

                                                   Award Winners

                                                    Imogen Mitchell