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Year 11 Parent Revision Booklet

Year 11 students will soon be taking their final GCSE exams.  The next phase in their education will be determined by how well they achieve in these exams, so the next few months are likely to be the most pressurised that students have faced. This will bring its own challenges.

Our partnership is critical in this period, and this Parents' Survival Guide to GCSE booklet contains advice about a variety of topics which we hope you will find helpful as you support your son/s or daughter/s through the final months of Year 11. Students will also be given a Revision Guide, which will contain more detailed information subject by subject, and highlight resources which will suppport their revision.  As ever, you can always contact school if you have any concerns over the next few months.  Your child's form tutor is the first point of contact.

Advice in the booklet has been drawn from a variety of educational and health resources.

Advice covers:

  • Revision Techniques
  • Healthy Revision
  • Coping with exam stress
  • Essential exam information
  • Useful resources

Consistent work up to the final exams will pay off, and it is important to keep these months in perspective.  We believe the messsage which is paramount to communicate to students at this stage is, 'Your best is good enough'.


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