English is one of our favourite subjects. We really enjoy the discussions we have in classes because they are very thought provoking and quite an informal, yet effective approach to looking at a question. It’s not just focusing on the long essays for the controlled assessment either. The teachers use a range of techniques to put across the themes and ideas behind the different stimuli; for example role plays, short video clips, reading out loud and class brainstorms.

The texts we have studied, such as "Great Expectations" and "Romeo and Juliet", were quite difficult, but in a good way as they stretched us to produce a better quality of work. So far we’ve done four of our controlled assessment modules and the teachers are very good at getting us to work to our full potential. We are looking forward to what Year Eleven English will bring.

Year 10 student


The English Faculty is committed to providing students with a range of learning experiences that equip them to become expert at using and interpreting our language in both spoken and written forms. Appropriate high quality literature provides the stimulus for much of our work and our target is for all students to become keen independent readers. Students often learn together by working in groups, but we also aim to provide challenge through individual tasks, sometimes of an extended nature. 

Key Stage Three

Students follow a course that meets the demands of the new National Programme of Study and Renewed English Framework. Units of work last for 15-18 lessons and include core tasks which tests the knowledge and skills learned. These tasks are awarded levels that give an indication of how students are progressing towards GCSE level.

Key Stage Four

Students follow the AQA Specification in both English Language (8700) and English Literature (8702). For full specifications and course content please visit the AQA GCSE Website

Key Stage Five

At ‘A’ Level, students have the choice between two courses:

English Literature AQA Specification A (7712) AQA.com

AS (stand-alone qualification)

2 x written examinations

A Level

2 x written examinations plus one coursework essay


English Language and Literature Specification Edexcel GCE English Language and Literature

AS (stand-alone qualification)

2 x written examinations

A Level

2 x written examinations plus one coursework portfolio

Enrichment Opportunities

  • Theatre visits
  • Writing Competitions
  • Reading reviews

Teaching Staff

Head of Faculty: Mr Simon Smith
Mr P Wareham - Second in Faculty
Mrs J Pointer - KS5 Leader
Mrs A Farrell - Curriculum Assistant
Ms J Bates
Ms K Beresford
Miss F Conway
Mrs J Coxon
Mrs N Fletton
Mrs C Giddings
Mr R Giddings
Ms D Johnson
Mrs S Tedd