Product Design


This course is not dedicated to a single material area, but provides you with the opportunity to continue your studies either with a chosen focused material area or using a combination of material areas. Students following this course will have gained a good GCSE pass in Design and Technology.

The Course
The course is assessed through two coursework and two examination elements (all submitted at the end of the second year of study).

Year 12
During Year 12, students are given a range of tasks to develop their designing and manufacturing skills. This extends from simple, initial modelling techniques, through to the production of fully functional prototypes as well as sketching, CAD and analytical thinking.  Designing products that solve real world problems allows students to experience the wider world of product design and become real designers in their own right.

Theory content is covered throughout the year and includes exam preparation.  The exam is sat at the end of Year 13 but the content also aids in the development of design and making skills.

Year 13
The coursework element is a ‘Design and Make Activity’. This comprises of a written portfolio of evidence and practical outcome which demonstrates the your ability to design, make and evaluate a product of your choice and shows creativity, flair and innovation. This unit is internally assessed and is worth 50% of the final grade.

The examination element is a formal written examination that comprises of two discreet sections.
Component 1 is based on knowledge and understanding of materials and manufacturing.
Component 2 focuses on your design ability of the candidate within your selected material area and requires students to generate and evaluate designs for a given brief.


  • Communication skills (both written and visual)
  • Practical skills (working with chosen materials to produce high quality artefacts and models)
  • ICT Skills (use of computers for research, presentation of work, CAD/CAM)
  • Time management skills are essential to ensure timely completion of tasks


Students work is regularly entered into the Rotary Club 'Young Designer of the Year' competition. Bishop Stopford students have achieved awards on a regular basis.

For further details, please contact Mr Parkin.

All current plans for sixth form programmes of study at Bishop Stopford School are provisional, dependent on student numbers and government policy.