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This is our agreement with students for their time with us in post-compulsory education.

The staff undertake to:

  • Provide the necessary teaching and tuition required to complete all courses
  • Arrive at lessons punctually
  • Issue termly or annual schedules of work with guided independent study tasks identified
  • Set work regularly, mark and return it within an agreed time
  • Ensure appropriate work is provided in cases of absence
  • Ensure that student progress is reported regularly through the school reporting system
  • Provide information for references
  • Inform Heads of Subject and Sixth Form Leadership Team regarding student progress
  • Maintain accurate attendance records

The student undertakes to:

  • Abide by the core values of the school
  • Never adversely affect the learning of others in lessons or private study
  • Attend all lessons to maintain a full-time programme of study
  • Arrive at lessons punctually
  • Complete guided independent study tasks for each subject as per the subject schedule
  • Attend the appropriate Sixth Form assemblies, tutorial lessons and conferences
  • Complete all tasks by agreed dates
  • Adhere to the dates given on subject schedules and the Academic Calendar for the completion of coursework
  • Abide by the Sixth Form Dress code including the wearing of a lanyard
  • Abide by Fire Regulations
  • Sign in/out using the electronic system
  • Follow the correct protocol for absences

In the event of a fire, it is your responsibility to evacuate the building, proceed to the Assembly Point on the school field and wait in silence until immediately dismissed.