Trips and Visits

Year 7

All Year 7 students have the opportunity to attend a five-day residential course in Longtown, South Wales where they experience a variety of outdoor and adventurous activities such as caving, rock-climbing, hillwalking and orienteering.  A kit list containing essential items required is available to download via our Firefly Parent Portal.

"We learnt more about each other" Year 7 Student "It was exciting"


All Year 8 students have the opportunity to attend a seven-day residential course in The Isles of Scilly where they experience a variety of outdoor and adventurous activities. The students camp on St Mary’s and are led by school staff to develop a range of academic and personal/social skills. Again, a kit list of essential items is available to download from our Parent Portal.

"I loved the camping and the great outdoors" Year 8 Student


In Year 9, students take part in an 'Enterprise Week'. The event is usually organised by Northamptonshire Young Enterprise, with representatives from local businesses coming together to inspire them through activities and discussions simulating the world of work. Students are set a challenge and work together in teams, utilising skills such as problem solving, communication and team working.

YEAR 10-13

From Year 10 to Year 13, there are opportunities to take part in enrichment activities which relate to specific subject areas. For example in 2015 & 2017, Politics and History students went to Washington and New York.


Voluntary Contributions

The viability of trips and visits is entirely dependent on parents recognising their value, and therefore supporting them with voluntary contributions.  There is no obligation to contribute, and students will not be deselected because of a lack of parental contribution. However, information regarding trips or visits will state processes for cancelling a trip and returning monies, should the school not receive sufficient voluntary contributions for the activity to go ahead.  Consideration for students facing financial hardship will be detailed in any information issued.