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Achievement & Attainment 2017

The tables below show a summary of the school's unvalidated examination results for 2017.

Further details of these and previous results can be found in the pdf document at the bottom of this page.


Key Stage 4 (GCSE and Equivalent results) *Unvalidated*

Number of pupils at the end of Key Stage 4  200   
Attainment 8 Score 54.0
% achieving 5 or more standard passes including English & Maths (grade 4 or above) 86%
% attaining the English Baccalaureate with standard passes in English & Maths 43%


Key Stage 5 (GCE and Equivalent results) *Unvalidated*

Number of students at the end of 16-18 studies 219
Average point score per A Level expressed as a grade C+
Alps Valued Added grade 2 (Outstanding)