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Year 8 STEM Day

Whilst Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) have a profound impact on our everyday lives, nationally there is a lack of engagement from students in these subjects. This is despite STEM subjects being considered one of the main forces for economic growth in the UK.

Inspiring young people to pursue STEM subjects beyond compulsory education and into industry is key to addressing the skills gap the country is currently facing. Changes in society are driving up demand for graduates of STEM subjects, and unless we meet this demand, we are at risk of restricting economic growth. Consequently, it is important that we find new and interactive ways to engage students in these subjects.

STEM days are our attempt at inspiring our students to consider STEM subjects as they make their options choices in Year 9 and in Year 11 when they may possibly leave school. Last week, Year 8 students completed their first STEM day of the academic year. The students took a break from their normal timetable in order to take part in an exciting set of technology-based activities. This STEM day had an Egyptian theme where small teams of students of students solved problems and built structures in order to acquire the 'Chalice of Knowlege'.

Mr Harwood