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Year 7 School Uniform Orders

In light of the current Coronavirus situation, it seems almost impossible things will return to normal before our organised 'try on' event for new Year 7 Uniform orders on 21st April 2020. Therefore, Karl Sports have made plans to help parents and carers ease the situation regarding new year 7 pupils and later school years uniform purchases. 

The Karl Sports shop is currently closed due to the regulations in place. However, using strict social distancing guidelines, they are organising delivery of a small number of online orders reaching us at the moment. They have already taken delivery of most of the schools' new uniform stock and have been able to process them so they can get ahead of the game, ready for the undoubtedly late buying spree.

As things stand, our thoughts are that schools will be able to re-open before the September term, and therefore Karl Sports have plans to open their shop at short notice. They will open in the evenings for 'try on' sessions, and to accommodate the late influx of parents buying uniform. 

The store may well prove to be the best way forward because of its accessibility, however, the more orders they can process online during Spring/Summer the easier it will be to keep an organised flow. Please visit to pre-order. More information on our uniform and order forms can be found here.

Many thanks for your understanding.

Mrs Kirsty Smith