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Year 6 Into Year 7 News Bulletin

Our Year 6 into Year 7 Newsletter went out on Monday to our new students starting in September. 

Here's the introduction from our Head, Miss Silverthorne:

"It’s lovely to be able to say ‘Welcome Year 6 - soon to be Year 7 - to Bishop Stopford School!’ Every year at this time, I feel excited to be meeting over 215 of you, and finding out a little bit more about you. I often ask Year 6 at induction ‘What’s it like to be at Bishop?’ The most common answers are: ‘Everyone is friendly’, and ‘People are so kind.’ And I’m delighted! It’s my job at Bishop to make sure that’s the same for you. There are lots and lots of things which keep me busy every day, but eve-rything I do is really for one purpose: to make sure you have a great education and you are happy and safe here. So ‘Welcome to Bishop Stopford School, Year 6, soon to be Year 7!"

You can read the newsletter here.