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Year 10 Holocaust Awareness Morning

On Friday 12th July, Year 10 took part in a Holocaust Awareness Morning. Organised by the Humanities Faculty, this event aims to educate students about the tragic events of the Holocaust, as well as issues surrounding anti-Semitism and genocide in modern society.

During the course of the morning, the students heard presentations from several staff on historical anti-Semitism around the world, the particular context of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany and the current genocide of Muslims in Myanmar.

The morning culminated in a personal testimony from Hannah Lewis, a survivor of the Holocaust. Hannah’s moving and powerful story of pain, suffering and survival really brought home to our students the human impact of the Nazi atrocities. Many students also took part in acts of reflection and remembrance, in honour of those who lost their lives.

Thanks go to former student Miss Hutchinson who delivered a talk on antisemitism, Mr Kirke and Mr Smart for their presentations, as well as Mrs Hainsworth for organising the event.

Huge thanks also to Year 10, whose conduct throughout the morning was a credit to themselves and the school.

Mr Glaze