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VE Day 75th Anniversary *updated*

During these strange times it is easy to forget that Friday 8th May is a bank holiday!  As you may be aware, the bank holiday was moved from Monday to this Friday so that it would coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day, when fighting against Nazi Germany in Europe came to an end in May 1945.  It was not the end of WW2, as America and Britain continued fighting Japan in the East until August, but it was a very significant moment in bringing the Second World War to a close. 

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 situation, most of the events that had been planned to celebrate it have had to be cancelled or scaled down.  However, this should not stop us remembering and reflecting on the 75th anniversary of VE Day, and as such I thought I would share a couple of resources that will put the event into context and help you to understand its significance.  I recommend watching this YouTube clip, which explains the final stages of the war in Europe:

Finally, I recommend having a read through this website, which explains the significance of the event and the celebrations that took place at the time:  

On Friday, the BBC will be putting on a range of programmes to celebrate VE Day, so I do encourage you watch these.

Stay safe and best wishes to you and your families.

Mr Jennings and the History Department


We'd like to share with you a selection of the wonderful pictures that were sent in by students to show their contributions to the VE Day celebrations:

Homemade bunting

Katie Till (8Y) & Evie Till (7D) made bunting and prepared a superb lunch box picnic for their grandparents.

Homemade bunting created by Mrs Reading & her children Elizabeth (8G) and Ewan who starts with us in September.


Oliver Haseldine (7P) set up his drums in his garage at home and played requests for people as they took their daily exercise. All donations went to Rushden Food Bank. After a day of playing songs to a live audience, Oliver raised £190.


Imogen Esler (7D) made these delicious, appropriately decorated strawberry filled cupcakes for her grandparents.

Amelia Hunt (7P) made scones for VE Day.


Jessica Bird made carrot scones from a wartime recipe and tiffin cake - the Queen's favourite!


Callum & Clodagh Jackson (Year 12) organised a silence in their close for the 11am Act of Remembrance, and then Clodagh played the solo trumpet before Churchill's 3pm speech.

For more videos of VE day performances, please visit our Facebook and Twitter pages.