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Summer GCSE & GCE Examinations

The Summer GCSE and GCE Examinations start in earnest on Monday 15th May. All students and their parents have received copies of their timetable and a copy of the Exam board Rules & Regulations. Students nationwide have to adhere to this so they all have the same fair and equal opportunity to do the best they can in each exam.

Students, please don't forget:

  • CLEAR, plastic pencil case.
  • Black Ink pen(s).
  • Pencil, eraser, ruler.
  • Coloured pencils for Design & Technology examinations.
  • Highlighters can be used for highlighting key words/phrases in the question paper.
  • Maths or Science equipment, if required for the examination. Note - there are NO spare caluculators available in the exam room for students who forget to bring their own.
  • Water in a CLEAR plastic water bottle with label(s) removed.

NOTE: The use of correcting pens, correcting tape/gluid and gel pens are NOT allowed.

NO mobile phones or electronic storage devices, including watches are allowed on your person in the exam room, even if they are switched off.

If you do bring an electronic storage device to the exams room, which is not advised, they must be handed in to an invigilator, as you enter the room for safe storage until the end of the exam.

Refer to the Exams Information booklet for exam day guidance, information and confirmation of all the exam board rules and regulations before the exam period begins. This booklet can also be found on the school website and on the VLE under 'Examinations'.

Please be outside your exam room 15 minutes before the start time to ensure your examination starts promptly.

Mrs Bellamy