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Parking Notice for Parents

We need to reiterate our expectations regarding parking and dropping off and picking up students near the school gates. Please be considerate to our neighbours. We are still receiving complaints from residents in connection with transport.

  • Parents must drop off and pick up further down The Headlands near Glebe Avenue. There is more space to park and slightly less congestion.

  • Parents must not drive onto the school site in the mornings to 'drop off'.

  • Please do not park across residents' drive-ways. Dropped kerbs must be kept clear for pushchair and wheelchair users.

  • The Fire Officer has also asked us to remind you that the forecourt of the fire station is a NO VEHICLE area. This includes pulling up for a few minutes only to drop off/pick up students. If a car is damaged by a fire engine due to it obstructing the forecourt, the cost will need to be met by the car owner's insurance and NOT the fire service. Please respect the Fire Officers' reasonable request.

Many thanks in anticipation of your co-operation.

Mr King