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Music Exam Success

Congratulations to all the following students on passing their recent music examinations:






George Hockley 7C Brass Grade 2 Pass
Will Addison-Pettit 7S Guitar Grade 1 Merit
Aislinn Farrell 7S Piano Grade 3 Distinction
Charlotte Foster 7S Viola Grade 5 Merit
Ewan Clee 7Y Brass Grade 3 Pass
Daniel Bubeer 8C Brass Grade 2 Distinction
Noah Wright 8Y Guitar Grade 1 Pass
Katie Ringrose 9C Violin Grade 3 Pass
Ella Holden 9D Woodwind Grade 2 Pass
Katie Oliver 9G Brass Grade 6 Distinction
Lily York 9G Woodwind Grade 2 Pass
Christopher Foster 10S Violin Grade 6 Merit
India Lane 10S Woodwind Grade 5 Merit
Beth Williams 10S Woodwind Grade 4 Merit
Helen Wiseman 10W Violin Grade 5 Pass
Rosie Honey 11P Woodwind Grade 5 Pass
Martin Potticary Year 12 Violin Grade 3 Merit
Katy Barton Year 13 Woodwind Grade 8 Merit
Tommy Cundell Year 13 Guitar Grade 8 Merit
James King Year 13 Brass Grade 8 Merit
Elvida Trkulja Year 13 Woodwind Grade 8 Merit

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