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Modern Foreign Languages Day

On Thursday 27th February the whole of Year 8 spent a day learning how to be citizens of the world by taking part in the MFL International Day. 

Please see below articles from two students giving their opinions of the day:

International Day was a day that I thought would be based around sitting down at tables with people and make a product that would probably flunk.

That was NOT it. Instead we were grouped with people who we turned out to work with really well and we went around to sell our product to other countries. This was harder than I thought because some countries were really poor, and so you would have to make a deal with them.  Others were just stubborn and you needed to be very persuasive.

In the afternoon, we had two sessions, one learning Catalan (which is a lot like Spanish) and the other Mandarin, which was quite difficult since we needed to get the tones right.

Ariana Haria (8E)

Recently, Year 8 took part in international day organised by the MFL team and other guests. It involved competing in the world trade game and taking part in 2 separate language taster sessions ranging from Italian to Indonesian.

For the world trade game, we were separated into teams signifying 8 separate countries; Russia, Austria, India, Japan, UAE, Chile, Romania and Cameroon. We then raced to create a product to sell  to other groups in order to generate a profit. Each country had different characteristics related to its economic situation. For example, the poorer countries had lower employment and raw material costs but a lower sales price. During this game we learnt to speak each other’s language in order to persuade them to buy our product.

In the afternoon, we separated into groups and were with a teacher or visitor who was able to speak another language. During this we learnt basic greetings as well as things such as how to order food at a restaurant.

Personally, I really enjoyed this day and cherished the opportunity to learn and use a foreign language that I probably would never otherwise find myself using.

Article by William Betts (8G)