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MFL News

On 11th July, Year 8 took part in the Modern Foreign Languages International Day. The morning was led by a company called Business Languages Champions, who work with schools showing them the importance of languages in the workplace.

The students were in groups representing countries as diverse as Chile, Cameroon and Japan. They had to design and make products to sell to other countries, using some of their language skills. As well as having the opportunity to try out words and phrases in different languages, they also gained social, cultural and economic knowledge of their country, and a realisation of how important international co-operation and understanding is.

In the afternoon, students had the opportunity to try out different languages which they don't usually come across in school such as Mandarin Chinese, Catalan and Punjabi.

The students had a great day and hopefully took a lot away from their experiences.


Headteacher's Award

The following students have been awarded the MFL Headteacher's Award for the summer term for their consistent hard work and dedication to their language learning:

  • Keeret Somel (7C)
  • Rayaan Kausar (8E)
  • Maria Heywood (9Y)
  • Igor Buslowski (10W)

Well done to these students and keep up the good work.

Mrs Rogers