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Mental Health Awareness Week

The importance of mental health and our own sense of well-being is always something that we need to think about.

The past year has thrown us lots of different challenges and we have all experienced lockdown in different ways. Separation from family and friends can at times leave us feeling isolated and alone. Loss of routines and structures to our daily lives may bring frustration and a lack of motivation, and limits on our personal freedoms to be out and about when we want can leave us feeling confined. The loss of regular contacts either so- cial, work or sports related often make us feel at a loss of what to do, and in some cases give us less motivation to leave home and get outdoors.

For some of us, sadly we have lost loved ones and have not been able to say goodbye in the way we would have liked. These things on their own bring challenges to our sense of well-being, but when they are all happening at the same time, it can be very overwhelming.

Now, more than ever, we need to check in on ourselves and with friends and family. Together we can be a huge support to each other, and united we can get through these darker times and enjoy the brightness of the future. However, bleak things may seem at the moment, they are temporary and we will get back to some sense of normality.

From 1st February, we will be taking part in ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’. It was originally intended to support children’s mental health, but this is important for all us, students, staff and parents. We are a community and we all matter.

Over the next week we will be encouraging you to participate in a range of different activities which can help to support not only our own well-being but the well-being of others. I hope that you will all get involved and feel the benefits of each activity. Although this is a raising awareness week – why not adopt some of these challenges every week? Mental health and well-being are with us for life, not just a week.

Full weekly timetable of events:

Mrs Wilson