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Although it’s Lockdown, that’s not a reason for us to stop still. I am therefore delighted to introduce a new initiative at school called Inspire.

Many of us recognise the power of someone sharing their life experiences with us, particularly when they have achieved against the odds. We enjoy listening to success stories, as they provide encouragement for us to strive for ambitious goals. To that end, we have designed a programme of termly interviews with inspirational individuals, who will encourage students in their ambitions for the future.

While our aim is to host Inspire events at school, we are currently only able to record online. I would like to thank Berny Kwei-Tagoe (Year 13), who conducted the inaugural interview for us through Microsoft Teams superbly.

We are beginning the series with a focus on inspirational people from Black, Asian and ethnic minority communities. This complements other work we have started this year on reconsidering our practices and attitudes about race and culture with sixth form students in a forum called ‘Race to the Top’.

Our first interview is powerful in many, many ways. Chief Superintendent Dennis Murray gives an open and honest account of his pathway to success, and it really is an inspiration. The interview will be released in three episodes over the coming weeks. We would strongly urge you to listen, and those of you who are from minority ethnic communities will find this of particular interest.

Berny, our Head Girl, introduces the interview for you:

“Welcome to our first episode of Inspire, where I interview Dennis Murray, the Chief Superintendent of British Transport Police for Trust, Legitimacy and Community Policing. It was truly interesting and insightful to learn how Dennis came to be in the police force and what he has done while in office. Dennis talks amongst many other things, about knife crime and ways to prevent it, and the recruitment and integration of those from Black and Asian ethnic minorities into the police force.
It was inspiring to hear about the success he has achieved, especially considering his less than privileged childhood. The work he has been doing and will be doing to ensure there is equality and good standards of policing is also a real success. I highly recommend that you watch the video over the next few weeks to learn more about the issues people from Black and Asian ethnic minorities face, and gain more insight into Dennis Murray’s work on this in Northamptonshire, and in his new role.”
To access Inspire follow the link:

Miss Silverthorne