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First Aid

Our First Aid provision is for students who become ill or have an accident during the school day only.

  • We have a number of students visiting the First Aid room as soon as they arrive at school, reporting that they were ill overnight. If your son/daughter is ill, but you choose to send them to school, this is not a first aid incident. You must be prepared to collect unwell students.
  • There are also students asking first aid staff to attend to conditions which fall outside their remit (eg, changing dressings or giving advice on injuries which have occured outside school). Procedures such as these require medical attention, not first aid.
  • A number of students have also been contacting home directly and parents have come to pick them up, with the school having no knowledge of them being unwell. Your son/daughter should not be contacting you during the day. We will make contact if we deem a student is too unwell to remain in school.

Thank you.

Mr King