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DT Bloodhound Project

Have you ever wondered what a DT teacher does in his spare time? What little of it there is, of course!.

Mr Sidgwick has been developing his DT skills by learning new 3D CAD software and building his own version of the Bloodhound land speed record car. 

His radio controlled version is 1.2 meters long and consists of a 90mm diameter electric fan (to mimic the jet engine in the real thing) an RC car motor to help push it along and a small rocket (just like the real thing). There are functioning airbrakes, steering, a camera to see a drivers’ eye view and GPS tracking to measure speed. It is all a work in progress and he will be testing it once everyone can go outside again. He. has also been learning software to produce the 3D images and 3D print some of the parts.



There are a couple of videos of the airbrakes and jet test but these can't be viewed here. Head over to our socials on Facebook or Twitter to find them.

People can find out more about the real Bloodhound project at: