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Cambridge Chemistry Challenge

This year, almost 8000 students from around 540 schools participated in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge.

Amongst this number were nine Year 12 students from Bishop Stopford who had to complete a 90 minute written paper. The paper was divided into two separate questions. The first explored whether people could live on the moon and extract oxygen from the minerals present there. The second question evaluated the possible impact of artificial sweeteners on water quality.

The questions tested understanding, and the ability of students to apply that knowledge in very unfamiliar situations. Scripts were marked internally and the marks submitted to the organisers - after a wait of a couple of weeks, certificates were received for eight of the students.

Congratulations to Alex Oliver, Lucy Luikinga, Max Gault, Priya Trivedi, Leah Meghen, Libby Slater, Mark Waterfield and Pranav Sudheesh on their achievement.

Mr Kirk