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Bishop COVID-19 Testing Centre

I am sure you would like me to thank our staff who are coming to the end of the lateral flow testing programme for our School.

 A few statistics first of all:

 · 4,015 tests undertaken

· 1,350 hours of work

· 11 days of on-site testing

· 21 testing sessions held

· 0 voids reported

While this, of itself, is impressive, it belies the level of careful planning and attention to detail, and the huge logistical operation this has been.

Our staff have all stood up to this task - writing risk assessments, physically setting up the testing centre in accordance with government guidelines, gathering consents, labelling student cards, producing lists, managing the recording systems with 100% accuracy, collecting students from lessons for tests, supervising students, ensuring the tests have been conducted successfully, and taking on a whole host of other duties to back-fill for colleagues who have been centrally involved.

We would like to thank Will Burke and Matt Coe, two former students, who have generously given of their time as volunteers to contribute to our efforts.

Our students have been incredible, too. They have exemplified common sense and made the job for Mr Smith who has guided them through very straightforward. I am very proud of the way they have taken all of this in their stride. The fact that we’ve not had to report a single void test speaks volumes.

We are now entering the home-testing phase of the project, and instructions have been sent around the processes required.  The very good news is that students will be experts in conducting their tests after their experiences at school!

So to all involved in this mammoth exercise. I am sure you would like me to express your thanks. Between us, we have contributed to the ongoing controls, and provided significant data for those who are using it to inform our way out of the pandemic.

Miss Silverthorne

Covid Test Centre staff:

Mrs Bellamy

Mrs Burke

Will Burke

Matt Coe

Mr Coxon

Mrs Gulla

Mrs Panther

Miss Reynolds

Mr Smith

Mrs Smith

Mr White