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Bedrock Award

Research suggests that as a student progresses through school, they need to be adding at least 3,000 words to their vocabulary per year if they are to keep up with increasingly challenging curriculum texts. Bedrock helps our teachers make this happen for every student in the school.

Bedrock Vocabulary is a digital curriculum which teaches essential words (known as ‘Tier 2’   vocabulary), root words and academic verbs. All new language is embedded in original stories and non-fiction texts so that students are       regularly reading high-quality texts as well.

Year 8 students currently complete Bedrock during Foundation Learning lessons and we are delighted to find out that this term Bishop Stopford has been selected to win a Bedrock award.

Looking at the average progress made on all topics completed by our students, Bishop Stopford School is the best Bedrock secondary school for progress across Year 7 and 8 in East Midlands with an average progress of 33%.

Year 7 students will be introduced to Bedrock during their Foundation Learning lessons later this term, so let’s hope that they can match the impressive progress our Year 8 students have shown.

Mr Harwood