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Art Gallery Visit

GCSE Art students were recently given the opportunity to visit Birmingham Art Gallery and Museum as part of their course. This enables students to see first-hand work by historical artists across a range of genres.

It is essential that students are able to experience art in such a setting to see the scale, media and even the arrangement of artwork to inspire them in their own work. Students are expected to include gallery visits as part of their coursework and below is an extract from Niamh Boyle (10W) who was on the trip:

"On 22nd November, we went on a trip to Birmingham Art Gallery. The main purpose of this trip was for us to find various different pieces by other artists to help with our own projects. For me, the Pre-Raphaelite section was useful as my theme is 'illustration'. Most of the paintings told a story and were a snapshot from different scenes. I also looked at some portraits to see how artists showed different expressions to help convey emotions through a piece. I particularly liked 'The Old Beggar Woman' by Degas and 'Self-Portrait' by William Holman Hunt, which I copied to help me gain an understanding of the artists techniques."

The Art department would like to thank all students on this trip for their excellent behaviour.


   'The Old Beggar Woman'                       'Self-Portrait'
               by Degas                              by William Holman Hunt

Mrs Baker