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Learning at home

Learning at home

We are delighted that we have been able to welcome back to school the overwhelming majority of students at the start of the academic year to full-time learning at school.

However we are aware that this may not always be possible and that there may be times when students need to learn at home.

To support students, and parents, with this, please see below for further information about what will be set for students, when and how.

Scenario   Provision
  My child has a short term illness     No work will be set
  My child has a long term illness     Please contact and discuss work   provision with your child’s Head of   Year
  My child is at home awaiting a COVID test   result     Students should complete work in   the Working from Home booklet   which can be found here
  My child is self-isolating (potentially for   up to 14 days)  

  Students should complete work in   the Working from Home booklet for   the first 48 hours of absence.

  Beyond that work will be provided   by subject teachers on Firefly, which   can be found here

  My child is learning from home for longer   than 14 days due to regional or national   lockdown measures being imposed  

  Work will be set as above.

  We will write to you explaining   arrangements for learning from   home beyond 14 days.

The Working from Home booklet is available to all parents & students on Firefly and includes details about work that students can complete if at home, as well as information, advice and guidance to support learning from home.

As a reminder about the absence procedures, please see below:

To report student absence, please e-mail:

Alternatively call and leave a message: 01536 503503, Option 1

If the absence is COVID related, we need to know:

  • The date of a positive COVID test
  • The date that a test is due to be taken

And, if your child is coming back to school following a negative COVID test;

  • The date the negative test result was confirmed


NHS Test and Trace

Anyone over sixteen can download the NHS Test and Trace app, and we know that some students have already chosen to do so. More information is available on the factsheet (available here).

If a student is notified via the app during the school day that they need to self-isolate, they must go immediately to the Medical Room and share that information member of staff who is first aid trained, and will advise them of next steps.


As we start this new year, no doubt with some challenges ahead, we do so positively, and look forward to a productive year where every student will continue to be nurtured to flourish and challenged to grow.

Bishop Stopford School