Year 9 Options 2018

The end of Year 9 is an important stage in education. For the first time, students have a degree of choice in what they study. Making choices can be a challenge, and students need to be aware of the content of subjects at GCSE level and their own strengths in order to make the right decisions. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that all students can achieve and make progress to the next stage of their education or training. It meets the latest current national requirements, so students leave Year 11 with a robust set of qualifications appropriate to their abilities.

It is not unusual for options to become oversubscribed. Students are, therefore, asked to make carefully considered reserve choices, as they may have to follow their reserve options.

The Year 9 Options Booklet and Options Form for 2018 will be available from this page - please check later.

Any queries should be directed to Mr Stephen Ready (Head of Year 9) or Mrs Castle (Careers) in the first instance.