Year 12 - WJEC GCE A Level in ICT

Unit 1: Information Systems - 60% Theory, examined through a 2 hour 15 minute exam;

  • Data, information and knowledge                
  • Uses of ICT in the home
  • The value and importance of information     
  • Presenting information                                                                    
  • Quality of information
  • Networks                                                                                  
  • Validation and verification                           
  • Human-computer interface                                                         
  • Capabilities and limitations of ICT                
  • Social issues                                                                                     
  • Uses of ICT in business    
  • Uses of ICT in healthcare 
  • Uses of ICT in education                                                         
  • Database systems                                                                             
  • Modelling                                                                                          

Unit 2: Presenting Information - 40% Coursework - based on Business Documents and Multimedia presentations.

Year 13

Unit 3: Use and Impact of ICT - 60% Theory, examined through a two hour 30 minute exam;

  • Networks
  • Database systems                                                                  
  • The Internet                                                             
  • Management of change                                                       
  • Human - computer Interface                                      
  • Management information systems                                      
  • Working with ICT                                                      
  • System development life cycle                                           
  • Security Policies      

Unit 4: Relational Database - 40% Coursework - students produce a relational database for a chosen problem covering the main aspects of the System development life cycle (Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, User Documentation and Evaluation).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Enrichment Opportunities

Digital ambassadors at the school run a Coding Club one lunchtime a week, where students from all year groups can get to grips with computer programming.

Teaching Staff

Paul  Connor – Teacher of Computer Science & ICT
Julian White – Head of Faculty. Teacher of Computer Science & ICT