Health and Social Care

Vocational studies in Health & Social care offers practically based learning opportunities. If you like people and want to know about caring for them you will enjoy this subject. A typical lesson would include a mixture of theory and practical activities. Speakers come from local health, social care and early years services. Students undertake placements at a range of these services in the local community.


Key Stage 4

This is a single award course which will gain students a GCSE in Health & Social Care.  It is a unitised course consisting of 2 units of work. These units tell you what you need to learn, what evidence you have to produce and what you need to accomplish to achieve the various grades. Students will complete 2 units of work over the 2 years.

Unit Unit Title Assessment Grade Weighting
Unit 1 Health, Social Care & Early Years Services Controlled Assessment 30%
Unit 2 Understanding Personal Development & Relationships Written Examination (1hr) 20%


Key Stage 5

Students follow AQA Health & Social Care to AS and A level.

There are 2 units of work within the AS and a further 2 units at A2.

AS Level

Unit 1 – Effective Caring & Communciation – Coursework
Unit 2 – Understanding Health Conditions and Patient Care Pathways – Terminal Examination

 A2 Level

Unit 6 Practitioner Roles - Assessed Portfolio of evidence
Unit 7 Food and Fitness - Terminal written examination


Enrichment Opportunities

Year 12 carry out a placement in Health & Social Care, Early Years.


Members of the Department

Mrs C Walmsley – Teacher KS4 & 5

Mrs Korke - KS4

Mrs Martin - KS5