Love it or hate it, you can’t escape the fact that politics has a direct impact upon your life. Because Politics
is a living subject and constantly changing, there’s never a dull moment. You don’t have to be a budding
politician for this course, but you will need to have an interest in the systems which govern our society.
Studying the political systems of the UK and USA will open your eyes to international relations and global
issues. Everyone has a view on what’s wrong with the world and how to put it right, so there are fantastic
opportunities for discussion and debate. Keeping up to date with the news is essential, so that your analysis
and writing are based on the latest developments.

Subject Content at AS Level
Government and Politics in the UK
  • Democracy
  • Political Parties
  • Electoral Systems
  • Pressure Groups
  • The Constitution
  • The Judiciary
  • Prime Minister and the Cabinet
  • Parliament

Subject Content at A Level
Government and Politics of the US
  • Congress
  • The Supreme Court
  • The Constitution
  • The Presidency
  • Electoral Voting
  • Democrats/Republicans/Tea Party Movement
  • Pressure Groups
  • Race and Ethnicity

The course is suitable for you if you:
  • are lively and have an inquiring mind;
  • have an interest in current affairs and how the country is run;
  • are keen to participate in debate;
  • like to ask challenging questions about the country we live in;
  • enjoy finding out answers for yourself;
  • work well in groups and like to share ideas.

2 x 1 hour 20 minute written exams
o Unit 1: 2 x 3 part questions from a choice of 4
o Unit 2: 1 stimulus response question

2 x 1 hour 30 minute written papers
o Unit 3: 3 x short answer questions from a choice of 5
o Unit 4: 1 x essay from a choice of 3

  • Possible Year 12 visit to Westminster.
  • Year 12/13 Debating Society run and organised by students.
  • Possible Year 13 trip to Leicester US Politics Today Lectures with former members of Congress.
  • Possible Year 13 trip to New York and Washington DC.

Teaching staff

Patsy Wilson – Head of Department
Wain Shardlow - Teacher of Politics and Economics