Every day economic challenges face us all. Thinking about personal economics, how businesses make a profit and compete, how nations make money and considering the role of Europe and global financial challenges are all part of the course.

Economics is one of our great ‘risk’ subjects. The course can change direction at any time because of a decision made anywhere in the world. It’s vibrant and dynamic, and controversy is a hallmark of every lesson. What you’ll learn is how to apply analytical skills and data handling skills to some of these problems. But expect surprises: they happen as each day unfolds. Keeping yourself up to date is essential for this course.

Subject Content at AS Level

The Operation of markets and market failure - how prices are set and how markets can go wrong.
The National economy in a global context - how the UK economy works.

Subject Content at A Level

Individuals, firms, markets and market failure - how wages are set and how different types of firms generate in the market.
The National and international economy - how the UK economy works.


AS (stand-alone qualification)
  • Written 1 hour 30 minute exams (x 2 papers)
  • Both papers include multiple choice and data response questions

A Level

Written 2 hour exam (x 2 papers)
Data response and essay questions
Written 2 hour exam (x 1 paper)
Multiple choice questions and case study questions

Possible trip to see leading economists and politicians in London.

Economics Teachers:

Mrs Emma Lilley
Mr Wain Shardlow
Miss Rosie Barr