The Science Faculty is a busy outward looking and thriving area of the school. We have a lot of expertise within the staff. We are leading some of the innovations in using ICT for teaching and planning.  The Faculty is staffed by a team of thirteen experienced teaching staff and is supported by three technicians and a curriculum assistant.

Our Aim

We aim to deliver a fun, engaging, high-quality science education, that provides students with the foundations and knowledge for understanding the world around them and beyond.

Students will learn the possibilities for careers in science and develop a curiosity which will help inform them in everyday life, as well nurture the scientists of the future.

We run very successful courses in A level Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology and we are looking to maintain this whilst implementing the new KS5 changes.

Science Curriculum Arrangements


Curriculum Time


Year 7 12% None
Year 8 10% Half year (sets 1-4)
Year 9 14% Half year (sets 1-4)
Year 10 Combined Science 18% Half year banding
Separate Sciences 6% per Subject Top sets in each band
Year 11 Combined Science 20% Half year banding