The Science Faculty is a busy outward looking and thriving area of the school. We have a lot of expertise within the staff. We are leading some of the innovations in using ICT for teaching and planning.  The Faculty is staffed by a team of thirteen experienced teaching staff and is supported by three technicians and a curriculum assistant.

Our Vision

We are building on the computer expertise in the faculty and looking to developing electronic resources for students to use on line.

We will continue to build on successes at KS3 and KS4 by developing ‘How Science Works‘ skills tied in with assessment for learning. This fits with the need for scientifically literacy in society.

We run very successful courses in A level Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology and we are looking to maintain this whilst implementing the new KS5 changes.

Science Curriculum Arrangements


Curriculum Time


Year 7 12% None
Year 8 10% Half year (sets 1-4)
Year 9 14% Half year (sets 1-4)
Year 10 Double Science 18% Half year banding
Separate Sciences 6% per Subject Top sets in each band
Year 11 Double Science 20% Half year banding