Modern Foreign Languages

"Modern languages are my favourite subjects. I have studied French for 3 years and started Spanish this year. The activities are always in different styles so you have to be imaginative and it’s really fun."

"The teachers are all nice and easy to talk to but they still teach efficiently and with lots of detail."

"We combine subjects as well, for example we often have computer lessons or write on a topic in another language. This makes it interesting and challenging. Recently in a video presentation I tried greenscreening myself in front of some of my artwork and photos, speaking French. It turned out really well and next time I’ll try something new! Languages are fantastic because we combine lots of things to make it enjoyable, and those who learn faster can study extra as well, so  it’s really good."


The MFL Faculty offers 3 languages - French, German and Spanish, with a rolling programme in year 7. All students (with a few exceptions) study a language up until the end of Year 11 with some opting to take two languages at GCSE level.

A typical lesson would involve a variety of activities with an emphasis on the 4 language skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing. Students work individually, in pairs and in groups and use a range of ICT materials.

Students follow our KS3 schemes of work, which are planned to build up all 4 skills over 3 years towards GCSE.

Key Stage 4

Students follow a 2 year course in Year 10 & Year 11, AQA French, German or Spanish to either Foundation or Higher Tier at GCSE. The exam consists of the following:

25% Speaking - a 15 minute test consisting of a pre-prepared role-play and photo card, plus a general conversation on several topic areas.

25% Listening - examined at the end of Year 11.

25% Reading - (including translation from target lanuguage to English) examined at the end of Year 11.

25% Writing - 2 written tasks, plus translation from English to target language.

Enrichment Opportunities

• Year 8 International Day - combining MFL with international business

Modern Foreign Languages Faculty

  • Natalie Smith - Head of Faculty
  • Julie Rogers-Hussey - Assistant Head of Faculty
  • Jessica Fry-Morales - Lead Teacher of Spanish
  • Claudia Ponce
  • Barbara Stevenson
  • Sue Donnelly
  • Laura Kaye
  • Chani Kaur - Curriculum Assistant