Religious Education

“I liked the debating…the idea that there isn’t right and wrong. I liked learning through images and metaphors”

“I enjoyed the powerpoint quizzes which were interactive. They helped me to remember biblical quotes”

“Regular unit tests have been good for practice and feedback has helped me understand how to improve”

“I enjoyed matching up exercises as they helped me to improve my knowledge. I enjoyed using the Playdough and Lego for quotes as it was a different way to learn”


The RE Department is proud of its achievements. Students take part in a variety of activities to develop their reasoning skills and the ability to show empathy with many religious viewpoints. Through debate, role-play and group work, students are encouraged to reflect on philosophical, moral and spiritual questions. This is reinforced at A-level, through the analysis of complex philosophical arguments exploring God’s nature and applied ethical issues.


Key Stage 3

Students follow the locally agreed syllabus, covering the World Religions and dealing with moral, spiritual and philosophical questions to develop evaluative skills. (e.g. looking at Ultimate questions, the life of Jesus, Religion & the environment)


Key Stage 4

Year 10 students start the new AQA Religious Studies A (8062) full course GCSE

Year 11 students will follow the OCR Philosophy & Ethics to GCSE, doing full course GCSE

New GCSE full course: 100% Examination - 3 papers each 1 hour and 45 minutes long

Year 11 Full-course: 100% Examination 4 separate 1 hour papers


Key Stage 5

Year 13 students follow OCR Religious Studies (Philosophy & Ethics) to A Level. They sit 2 papers at A2 level.

G581 covers the Philosophy of Religion, examining arguments for and against the existence of God as well as Greek Philosophy. G582 looks at Ethical Theory & Applied Ethics.

Year 12 follow OCR H573 - 3 modules of study

  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Religion and Ethics
  • Development in Religious Thought

OCR Philosophy & Ethics :

New A2:      100%  examined through 3 papers each 2 hours long

A2:              100% examined through 2 papers each 1 hour and 30 minutes long


Enrichment Opportunities:

A level academic conferences for Philosophy and Ethics

KS3: trips to places of religious interest

KS4: trips abroad to places of pilgrimage and worship


The RE Department:

  • Len Bhagwhandin – Head of Department
  • Stephanie Oxley – Teacher of RE
  • Lee Smart - RE Teacher & SMSC Co-ordinator
  • Laura Sansam - RE Teacher and Head of Year
  • Victoria Taylor-Smith - RE Teacher
  • Janet Smith - RE Teacher