“I really enjoyed the lessons on Global Fashion – I hadn’t really thought about where my clothes were made and what conditions people had to work in to make them but now I do.”

“We were given a project to present the layers of a rainforest, but in 3D in a shoebox! It was so fun to make and I enjoyed seeing what everyone else had made.”

“i loved creating my sustainable settlement, working in a group to solve the issues and present to our class. We were able to be creative and it was challenging to include all the factors of a sustainable place to live.”


The Geography Department is proud to be bringing key global issues to the forefront of our student's education. They will take part in a variety of activities designed to develop their Geographical skills and build on their understanding of the world around them. Geography is becoming increasingly relevant in day to day life and is the only descipline to combine the Arts and Science together - a unique and captivating subject!

Key Stage 3

Students follow schemes of work that include topics such as map skills, flooding, tropical rainforests, Antarctica, natural hazards and global fashion.

Key Stage 4

Year 10 and Year 11 Students will follow AQA Geography to GCSE

  • Living with the Physical Environment - written exam - 1 hour 30 minutes - 35% of GCSE
  • Challenges in the Human Environment - written exam - 1 hour 30 minutes - 35% of GCSE
  • Geographical Applications - written exam based on pre-release booklet and applying fieldwork skills to questions - 1 hour 15 minutes - 30% of GCSE

Enrichment Opportunities:

Key Stage 3:

  • Fieldwork skills within the school grounds

Key Stage 4:

  • Fieldtrip  - one day out at a field studies centre (currently a river study) and the other spent in our local area in the summer term (venue TBC).

Key Stage 5:

  • Fieldtrip - Students to go to Castlehead Field Studies Centre in The Lake District (venue subject to change).

The Geography Department:

  • Mrs Tanya Harvey - Head of Geography
  • Mrs Kiran Lal – Teacher of Geography
  • Miss Kirsty Whitehead - Teacher of Geography