Within the Art department we pride ourselves on the quality of teaching and learning provision that we provide to achieve consistently high standards across all the Key Stages. Students are encouraged to be independent in their learning and have the opportunity to work across a range of disciplines.


Key Stage 3

Skills based learning to allow students to build a foundation from which to develop and explore a variety of materials and Art techniques. Critical research is an integral part of the course to enable students to strengthen their knowledge about Artists.


Key Stage 4

GCSE Fine Art (AQA)

Students explore and develop ideas within a theme towards a final outcome. Independent learning is an essential element to the course and students are required to meet all 4 of the assessment objectives in order to successfully complete the course.

60%  Coursework

40% Exam (8 week preparatory period, concluding with a 10hr exam over 2 days)


Key Stage 5

Year 12

AS/A Level Fine Art: Painting & Drawing (AQA)/Art, Craft & Design (AQA)

Students explore a personal theme devised through discussions with subject staff. Two projects will be completed in Year 12 - a personal study (Sept-Feb) and a mock exam (Feb-May). Within the personal study, students will be expected to fully explore the ideas within their selected theme from an initial collection of resources, detailed observational studies, explorationn of media & scale, through to a final outcome that summarizes their journey of ideas. The mock exam will follow the same format but in a shorter time frame and with a topic set by the exam board.  It will conclude with a 12 hour exam at the end of the project to produce a final outcome. The Year 12 course is designed to build upon skills and to enable students to develop as an artist.

It is recommeded that students will not be entered for the AS at the end of Year 12 in order for the most successful work to be carried forward into Year 13 and for students to be entered for the full A Level. However, any student not wishing to continue through to the full A level can still join the course and be entered for the AS certification.  Staff will have regular conversations with students about entry and any final decisions will be made in discussion with the students/parents in March of Year 12.

Year 13

A new personal study will be completed (June-Feb) building on from work completed in Year 12, to include a written critical essay. The final external exam will commence in February, concluding in May with a 15 hour exam (over multiple sessions) to produce the final outcome for the project.


Enrichment Opportunities

  • Key Stage 3: Years 7-9 Art Club in A1 Wednesday Lunch 12.40-1.15pm            
  • Key Stage 4/5: Open Access to Art rooms for coursework (Lunch)
  • Year 10 National Art Gallery Visit
  • Year 11 National Art Gallery Visit/Workshop Day
  • Year 12/13 National Cultural/ Gallery Visit/Workshop Day

  • Julie Baker – Head of Department (KS3-5)
  • Stephanie Johnson – Teacher of Art (KS3-5)
  • Paul Buckley - Teacher of Art (KS3)