Alumni Members

The BSS Alumni currently has over 100 members and growing every day. Former students are updating us on their life since leaving Bishop Stopford School, the career paths that Alumni members have taken cover all industries from Law,  Education, Medicine, Engineering, Journalism, Finance, Business Management, Marketing and Social Care.

Below are just a few of the Alumni members and their advice to students:

Amar Thakrar (BSS 2004-2006)
Occupation: Chartered Accountant
Location: Northamptonshire
Advice for students: Make education a lifelong passion. Make the most of the excellent opportunities provided by an excellent school.
Anna Crowther (BSS 1994-2001)
Occupation: Solicitor
Location: London
Advice for students: Get as much work experience as possible. Not only will it help you decide what area you want to work in, it also shows a future employer that you are keen, willing and determined.
Michael Peake (BSS 1995-2002)
Occupation: Researcher in Engineering, Durham University
Location: Durham
Advice for students: If you are thinking about going to university, concentrate on courses and not just universities. Don't be afraid to take too long to decide. Think about taking a year out; try to get internship in the area you think you'd like to work (this is a great way to help your decision and is invaluable when looking for a job after university too!)
Brodie Smart (BSS 2002-2009)
Occupation: Combat Medical Technician (currently phase 2 training)
Advice for students: Follow your dream. Focus on what you want in life and try not to get swept up in everything academic. Find other things as well as your studies to keep you busy.

If you would like further information on any of our Alumni members, please e-mail Mrs Caroline Gulla