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Main School Admissions

Year 7 - September 2020 Admissions

The application period for Year 7 September 2020 is now closed. Any application received after 31st October 2019 are treated as late applications.

If you have had notice that your child has a place please return your Confirmation of Acceptance form asap. This form is available below to download and can be emailed back to school when completed as an alternative to posting it. Completed forms can be scanned or even photographed and sent to 65,68,77,73,83,83,73,79,78,83,64,66,73,83,72,79,80,83,84,79,80,70,79,82,68,46,67,79,77.

School Place Allocations

Information about school allocated places for September 2020 will be sent out by the local authority on Monday 2nd March 2020.


If a student has not been allocated a place at Bishop Stopford School at this time, parents/guardians do have the right to appeal against this decision. Please click here for further information of how to lodge an appeal.

Updated March 2020


Application forms and admissions policies can be downloaded from the left of this page along with the general admissions pack and the school's most recent Ofsted Report. Please use the arrow keys to scroll through the documents.